Disputes & Litigation

Lember and Williams‘ solicitors are committed and experienced negotiators that strongly support and practice alternate dispute resolution. Where alternative dispute resolution avenues fail, we are zealous in the pursuit or defense of our clients.

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Legal disputes can expose organisations to a number of risks including adverse publicity, damaged relationships, and potentially high direct costs. Our dispute resolution and litigation lawyers aim to minimise the risk and uncertainty by identifying the legal and commercial drivers of a dispute early in order to achieve an optimal mediated, negotiated, or litigated outcome. As one of the leading dispute resolution and litigation practices in Queensland, we are recognised for our strengths in corporate, commercial, and regulatory litigation supplemented by specialist expertise.


Our skilled team of highly regarded professional lawyers provides clients with technical expertise and strategic problem-solving skills to quickly resolve disputes. They understand how important it is to increase the possibility of retaining their clients’ reputation and keeping business relationships intact. We believe that although disputes are sometimes unavoidable, it is the manner in which they are resolved that makes a difference. With our ability to handle even the most complex disputes through the application of sound legal, evidentiary, forensic, and investigative skills, we are able to reach the very best outcomes in even the most difficult circumstances.

We understand that the circumstances of each dispute are unique and different and require us to work with our clients to achieve their objectives to the best of our abilities. We have a dynamic and responsive approach to resolving matters of dispute and although we specialise in litigation, if it is to the benefit of our clients, we will always first consider any form of alternate dispute resolution.

As an established law practice, we are experienced in handling complex, high level, and multi-jurisdictional disputes. With our many years of experience, we have created specialised negotiation strategies formulated to resolve disputes through negotiation, mediation, expert determination, and other structured techniques to ensure a cost-effective resolution with favourable outcomes and settlements for our clients.

Our qualified team of lawyers can litigate in any court and are highly skilled in representing clients before commissions of inquiry and other official investigations. With the practice of great law underpinning our foundation, we provide our clients with solutions tailored to their particular needs and supported by the very best legal thinking minds and expert industry knowledge. Clients bring their most challenging and pressing problems to us and we strive to achieve the best outcomes through our expert negotiation, mediation, and other dispute resolution techniques. Having litigated every conceivable type of regulatory and civil dispute matter from the largest commercial matters to disputes involving businesses and private individuals, there are no surprises that we are not prepared for.


Our firm has a strong reputation for representing numerous organisations in professional liability and other litigation matters. Keeping ahead of policy changes and legal developments requires a dedicated team of legal specialists with the knowledge, experience, and expertise needed to handle complex legal matters. Our skilled team of lawyers is capable of navigating complex areas of law to resolve and defend any litigation action across multiple jurisdictions.

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